Including Support Staff on Your Attorney Website

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

A basic component of any legal website is the almighty attorney profile page. There are hundreds of articles devoted to drafting an effective attorney bio which conveys experience while engaging the reader. And while the subject of attorney profiles has been widely explored, discussion of whether or not support staff should be included on a law firm’s website has been rather limited.

Generally, we encourage the inclusion of support staff profiles on legal websites. This might include information on paralegals, legal assistants, the firm receptionist and seasonal interns. We’ve even seen firms include the office pet on the site to give off a more friendly and relaxed feel.

Clients will likely have a great deal of interaction with multiple members of your team, not just the attorney working on the case. By including your support staff on your site, you give prospective clients a good introduction to your entire firm and have the opportunity to showcase an even more diverse skill set. As with attorney profiles, support staff biographies should include experience, education and most importantly explain the employees’ position in the firm and how clients can expect to engage with them when retaining your firm. And while some of your team members will likely object, a photo should be included with each profile. Our team is happy to help you touch up any staff images or resize them for optimal fit within your site pages.

With Omnizant’s Site Manager, adding and editing a staff profile is simple so you can be sure that your website is up to date even as your team changes over time.

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