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HTML5 & the Next Generation of Animation

For years, Adobe Flash has been the leading technology used by web developers to incorporate movement into the graphics of a website. Despite its popularity, Flash animation has been widely criticized. Many argue that it should be avoided for two main reasons: 1) when not properly implemented, Flash animation can be detrimental to SEO and 2) Apple does not allow Flash to run on iOS, the operating system which runs on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

As we all know, technology and the World Wide Web is far from stagnant and over the past few months, HTML5 has emerged as the new standard for site development. This new language for website development provides for an animation method that does not rely on Flash. HTML5 compliant animation can be viewed across all modern, and future, browsers and devices, including Apple phones and tablets, which has never been more important as the number of adults surfing the web on their mobile devices continues to increase at record rates.

If you’re considering animation on your firm’s website, we strongly recommend that HTML5 be utilized. At Omnizant, we’re pleased to be one of the first legal marketing companies employing this technology to ensure that all of the websites we develop remain cutting edge.