Everything, and we mean everything, should link back to your site

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Recently one of our clients subscribed to a third party e-newsletter service for elder law attorneys. The service provides practice-area specific content for its clients and sends out branded e-newsletters to the firm’s contacts. There were a number of links within the body of the e-newsletter encouraging the recipient to read more. Generally, this isn’t a bad strategy; it can help to get contacts onto your website where there are more ways to engage with your firm. Unfortunately, in this case, the links to “learn more” took the reader to a third party site which was managed by the e-newsletter service (though it was co-branded for the firm). In clicking on any links within this third-party site, the reader was then directed to a hub for elder law content which also featured a directory of local elder law attorneys. In this case, the attorney unknowingly created an action path for contacts which may have ultimately led them to a competitor’s site.

While it sounds like a rather rare scenario, we often see this mistake among law firms. It frequently occurs when attorneys are highlighting the professional organizations that they belong to and place a link to organization’s website, which is of course a promotional tool for the group and its members. Now that’s not to say that an attorney shouldn’t highlight his membership in a well-respected association but the highlights of membership, and how it benefits the prospective client, should be represented on the firm’s website, not a third party site. Organizations often ask for these links, as a way to gain additional visibility in the legal community and with the search engines, but the links do little to actually benefit the members.

With any digital marketing initiative, the main goal is to encourage engagement with your firm and the focal point of all campaigns should be your website. In developing a new outreach campaign, be sure that all links and calls to action point prospective clients and referral sources to your firm, and not some third party.

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