Event Management on Your Website

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

It’s not at all uncommon to see law firms include a list of upcoming events on their websites. After all, it’s a great way to showcase your expertise, demonstrate an active presence in the community and inform clients and colleagues about these events so they can attend or spread the word. Unfortunately, far too many attorneys let this powerful resource fall to the wayside—allowing it to become outdated, stagnant or fail to implement tools which will make the listing of events a true resource for site visitors. If your law firm is considering future events and making these a part of your website, be sure to utilize an integrated event management system which features the following tools:

A Registration Feature: It’s not enough for site visitors to be able to view upcoming events on your site; they also need to be able to sign up for these events online. While your firm may prefer having individuals call in to RSVP, the moment you ask visitors to take one extra step (like pick up a phone), you may lose the opportunity to get in front of them. Make it possible for visitors to sign up by completing a simple form. If there is a fee to attend, make sure registrants can include payment information right up front to save time.

Automatic Notifications: As soon as a site visitor signs up, both your firm and the new registrant should receive email notifications. For the registrant, this message should include the event details so he has a copy of the information in his inbox. The firm, on the other hand, should simply receive a notification alerting them of the sign up so they can follow-up if necessary.

Automatic Updating: There are few things that look more unprofessional than having an outdated website featuring events that have already passed. Rather than have to set a reminder to update your “Upcoming Seminars” page each time an event is over, your email management system should do it for you automatically. This feature will ensure that your website stays up to date with no action needed on your end.

A Prospects Form: There will likely come a time in the year when you have no events scheduled for the immediate future. During those periods, many firms make the mistake of having an empty page informing site visitors to check back soon. The problem with this, of course, is that most visitors will not return in a few weeks to see if you’ve posted something which is why you have to be more proactive in your approach to converting visitors into registrants. Instead of having an empty page when you don’t have anything scheduled, you should instead include a note detailing the types of events you hold and a form where interested parties can submit their contact details. This allows you to maintain a database of prospective registrants who can be reached once you do plan your next events. Comprehensive event management systems, like that of Omnizant, automatically detect when your last seminar is held and will post a prospect form immediately so you never have an empty, ineffective page.

A Database of Past Events: If your firm holds multiple seminars each year, it can be burdensome on your support staff to maintain a database of all past attendees and events. A good event management system can do this for you, keeping track of past attendees and all event-related information such as description, venue, dates, etc.

At Omnizant, we’re all about tools that help you save time while effectively marketing your services. Our industry-leading Seminar Management Tool is seamlessly integrated into our user-friendly Site Manager and combines all of the great features above, allowing you to promote upcoming events and generate interest even when your calendar is clear. Contact us today to learn more about this great tool!

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