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Did Your Website Survive Sandy?

Over the past week, people all along the East Coast felt the negative effects of Hurricane Sandy. With high winds and surging sea levels, this “Frankenstorm” caused severe damage to millions of homes and businesses.

As most of our readers know, our offices are located in Long Island, NY–an area that saw tremendous flooding and widespread power outages. With our servers located off-site and multiple redundancies in place, we’re happy to report that not one of the 500+ law firm websites that we host experienced any down-time, but other businesses in our area weren’t as lucky.

When selecting a website developer for your law firm, it’s essential that you take time to research where your website host’s server will be located. If you’re like us and located in a coastal area, having a server on a site which is prone to flooding or power outages is not sensible. Your website provider should also have backup servers physically stored in different locations. Redundancies in place will help to reduce any chances that your firm’s website will be impacted by severe weather conditions or unexpected power outages.