Creating a Corporate Identity

When people see the five interlocking rings of the Olympic Games, the international sporting event instantly comes to mind. The symbol has deep meaning for the athletes who adorn it and is recognizable to those who see it–these rings exemplify a powerful logo.

All law firms, large and small, should have a logo which is easily recognizable by their clients and an accurate representation of the firm’s philosophy and mission. A professionally designed logo is an integral part of any marketing campaign and when strategically placed on your firm’s stationery, website and business cards can bring consistency among all of your marketing efforts

Omnizant’s design and marketing experts can work with you to develop a logo that conveys your values and expertise. Once the logo has been completed, we will provide you with the graphic in multiple formats which can be used on all of your print media and website.

To learn more about Omnizant’s logo services, please visit our logo portfolio page or contact us today to give your firm an identity that is unforgettable.