Contact Us…but how?

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

For the most part, law firms create websites to increase visibility and get new leads. Many firms find the latter objective to be more difficult to achieve. Once a visitor makes it to your website, how do you get them to contact your firm? The answer to this question is multifaceted but we are going to focus on one of the most essential yet underutilized pages on most attorneys websites—the “Contact Us” page.

Whether it is labeled, “Contact Us”, “Connect” or “Call Our Team”, all effective websites have a contact page. Visitors expect it and most will look for it if they want to reach out to your firm. Make sure it is incredibly easy to find. Don’t hide it in the footer or simply link to it on one page in the site. Place it in the navigation menu or prominently include the important details in the header design.

On the contact page, include multiple ways for the visitor to contact you. This information should contain the firm’s phone number, fax number, address and a form which they can quickly complete and submit directly through the website. Many firms also like to include an email address. This can be beneficial if implemented correctly but if not, it can also be dangerous. Email addresses listed within the text area of the page can be picked up by “Bots”, which search engines send out to review your site, and you may start to receive a ton of spam mail within months. If you do decide to include your email address, make sure to include it in a graphic as these cannot be read by search engines.

Also, be sure to include directions, special contact information or other details that might be helpful to a visitor. If your firm prefers to be contacted via email, specify that here or if your usual turnaround time for web inquiries is one business day, make that clear. Setting expectations for prospective clients is always a positive thing.

When creating this page, don’t forget that you are still trying to get users to contact you. Just because they have made it to the contact page doesn’t mean they’re sold yet so use this space to further sell your firm. If you’re available for evening appointments or will travel to meet patients in the hospital, showcase those details; these are the little things that make you seem approachable and client-centered.

Just like all other pages throughout your site, the contact page must be user friendly and optimized for website visitors. To learn more about designing an effective “Contact Us” page, contact us today (please note the handy form to your right and the prominent Contact Us page in the menu bar above)!

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