Beating Blog Writer’s Block

It is easy for attorneys who blog frequently to suffer from writers block. If you are feeling a bit stuck in finding a new topic to feature, you may consider turning to one of the following sources for inspiration:

  • News stories: You don’t have to create a story or rely on past anecdotes each and every time you blog. Instead turn to popular news sources for inspiration. As a matrimonial lawyer, you might write on a celebrity’s divorce proceedings to inform clients about various aspects of the law and how they apply in real life cases. Following a news story provides relevant and fresh information on your areas of practice.
  • Other Blogs: Of course you do not want to replicate the content but browsing other attorney blogs may provide inspiration for an entry on your site. There are millions of attorney blogs to peruse so you won’t run out of inspiration anytime soon.
  • Attorney Listservs: Many professional organizations offer listservs for their members which allow them to exchange ideas and information related to their areas of practices. Many times, these group conversations raise some interesting ideas which can be translated into fascinating blog posts.
  • Past hits: Review your older blog posts. You might find that one really stands out in the number of comments it received. If this is the case, you might revisit that topic with a new spin. Old favorites can definitely be revitalized and can be just as popular the second time around.
  • Client inquiries: Your clients regularly turn to you for legal assistance. And you can be sure that if one or two call with a specific question, more of your other clients have probably wondered about it too. Compile a list of the most common questions and use these client concerns or questions as a starting point.

Maintaining a blog is no easy task but with constant developments in the law and frequent contact with your client base, it is certainly one which can be tackled creatively. If you ever have questions about your firm’s blog, we encourage you to contact our attorney marketing experts.